The Fhima Family Experience was embedded into our modern family and American story by Chef Fhima (it predates Chef Fhima and many generations before him including the Spanish inquisition). Born a few strides from the Mediterranean Sea, in a modest abode in Casablanca, Morocco, 1 of 17 children, he adapted the cultured techniques of cooking from his mother. Venturing to the US with one most important item; the family mother dough. Now, over 130 years old, this starter is the foundation of our bakery and epitomizes our story. “Wealth is built at the table” is often our motto. The senses, flavors, and appetite to accommodate family, friends and strangers alike is incorporated into the very fiber of our Fhima family. The luxury and privilege of being cajoled by loved ones or foreigners through food and spirits, coffee, tea, stories of yesteryear, plans for the future while unveiling our truths and beliefs, reassuring our affirmations of kinship, our bonds and ancestry to one another can best be experienced over a great meal. These happenings accumulate over time, adding up in a personal bank account that inhabits our heart. Tangible “wealth” to our souls. This is the only currency we know that is undying and is sure to propagate true harmony.